50 Theme Ideas for Yoga Teachers

If you know me at all, you know that I LOVE theming Yoga classes. It’s one of the most fun and unique aspects of being a Yoga teacher. It gives you the ability to share ideas with your students in sometimes fun and non-conventional ways.

If you’re new to theming, check out my article How to Theme Your Yoga Classes Like a Pro. Here, I go into more detail about why you should theme your classes as well as how to plan and successfully execute your dream theme.

If you are new teaching classes every week, it can be hard to stay consistently inspired. Below I’ve listed 50 ideas to reignite your spark and get you back on track:

  1. Work through the Yamas and Niyamas: Doing a different one each week
  2. Work through the Chakras: Start at the root Chakra and work your way up each week
  3. Build to a peak pose: Sequencing and movements prepare the students for an advanced posture
  4. Open or strengthen a specific part of the body or grouping of muscles
  5. A practice all about breath
  6. Focus on a specific type of pose or movement: inversions, forward folds, heart openers, etc.
  7. Work through the Kleshas: Talking about a different one each week
  8. Do a subtle Yoga class focusing on the Koshas
  9. Weave in Pranayama practices: Resonance breath, alternate nostril breathing, Ujjayi breath, square breathing, lions breath, breath of fire, etc.
  10. Weave in Meditation practices: Loving kindness meditation, metta, mindfulness, etc.
  11. A whole class on Dristi
  12. Tell a story (especially good for Yin or Restorative yoga and could be a historical story from Yogic philosophy)
  13. Share a quote or poem
  14. A whole class on meridians
  15. Weave in Eye Yoga throughout class
  16. Music themed class: Just acoustic guitar, just female vocalists, bluegrass night, 80s night, r+b night
  17. Classes based on the elements: fire, water, air, astral
  18. A class for better sleep
  19. Weave in Face Yoga throughout class
  20. A class based on energy shifting (bringing energy down or up)
  21. Mandala flow where you face all directions of the room
  22. A practice geared towards a specific group of people: people who deal with certain illnesses, people who struggle with anxiety/depression
  23. Do a class with live music
  24. Weave in historical aspects of Yoga
  25. Weave in scientific aspects of Yoga
  26. Lead a class of self-inquiry by weaving in meditative questions
  27. Use aromatherapy throughout class for a sensory experience
  28. Do a whole sequence then do it backwards
  29. A class for healthy digestion
  30. Weave in movements from different practices: Pilates, Tai Chi, Karate, Calisthenics, etc
  31. Do a class based on a specific piece of nature: like a plant, the moon or sun, etc.
  32. Dedicate a class to another Yoga teacher by weaving in movements or flows they use (of course giving them credit!)
  33. Use tarot cards to inspire you
  34. Do a class based on a specific animal or grouping of animals
  35. Do a whole class with tennis balls for myofascial release
  36. D a yoga flow using light hand weights
  37. Chair yoga
  38. A practice that encourages non-attachment
  39. Lead a restorative class with gentle massage
  40. Do a hike followed by an outdoor Yoga class
  41. Do a class for a cause (donations go to a certain program or nonprofit)
  42. Do a Karma Yoga class where you lead a practice followed by a community clean up in your area
  43. Lead a class at a local brewery or organic grocery store to promote nutrition combined with movement
  44. Focus on one particular organ in your Yoga class (detox flow, digestion flow, etc)
  45. Do an ocean themed class: flow like the waves, weave in ocean sounds, do ocean themed poses
  46. Do a class where the student’s are encouraged to have a beginner’s mind
  47. Gratitude centered practice
  48. A practice that encourages non-judgement
  49. Focus on unifying mind, body, and spirit through movement and breath
  50. A partner Yoga class for friends or romantic partners

Hope these ideas will help inspire you the next time you are in a slump. If you have any ideas to add, feel free to put them in the comments. The list could certainly go on and on…

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